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Helping SMB's utilize vertical video in their organic and paid marketing strategies that perform and connect with their target audience.

Why Vertical Video?

In a mobile-first world, vertical video is taking over as the best form of media to reach your target audience. It also takes up the most “real estate” on your customer’s mobile screen!


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Frequently asked questions

How Does Commercial Pricing WOrk?

At our agency, pricing is tailored to accommodate your budgetary requirements. We acknowledge the distinct nature of each project, with your budget serving as a pivotal factor in delineating the particulars of our services. 

How Many Monthly Videos in Your Content

The standard content creation monthly packages are 5, 10, or 15 videos per month. We are open to more videos depending on the budget and strategy.

what's Your Average Turnaround Time For Editing?

On vertical content that is meant for tiktok, shorts, and reels, 3-5 business days on a package of 5,10, or 15 videos. On long form content or commercial work, 5-7 business days would be plenty.